Allegro 200gr

A classic assortment of Desobry : the Allegro ! This little assortment take the most of our range of biscuits !

  • Salsa x2
  • Baila x2
  • Havana x3
  • Gourmandises x2
  • Koala blanc x2
  • Swing x2
Net Weight : 200G

Nutritive value per 100g

Energy 526 Kcal
Fats 27,8g (of which saturates : 16,6g)
Carbohydrates 61,8g (of which sugars : 41g)
Fibers 2,5g
Protein 5,8g
Salt 0,29g
Allergens Contains : gluten, eggs, soya, milk. May contain traces of nuts.g